Laundry vinegars

Laundry vinegars to freshen your laundry!

Who wouldn't love fresh and soft laundry! Sweaty sportswear and fluffy bedding are wonderful to lift from the rope when they smell clean fresh. Conventional rinse aids contain a wide variety of chemicals, and the idea that they are absorbed into our skin by wearing a garment does not seem attractive.

Laundry vinegar is a great product to replace traditional rinse aids. In Finland handmade laundry vinegars contain only natural ingredients and are biodegradable, so their use in a cottage, for example, does not burden the environment.

Laundry vinegar removes electricity from textiles, stinging odor, brightens colors, prevents yellowing of white and reduces lint. While you lighten your laundry, you use laundry vinegar to remove the detergent residue from your washing machine.