Towels, duvet covers and flat sheets

All Luhta Home towels are made of high quality twin-tread cotton yarn, which guarantees good moisture absorbing ability. A cotton towel has a pleasant touch and feel on the skin.Towels are made in different weights. Comfort has been taken into account in the design. Towels dry quickly after use and are soon ready to be used again.

Luhta Home duvet covers and flat sheets are made of 100% cotton. In addition to cotton, are also used satin cotton and cotton percale. Duvet covers packaging are marked with fabric quality. Try and find your own favorite.

is very durable and washable. Touch and feel is relaxed and fresh.

is a luxuriously smooth and soft satin cotton. Cotton fabric is made so that a luxurious gloss is created. The satin quality weights more and is more glossier than other Luhta Home cotton fabric qualitys.

is made of thin and tight yarn which creates dense cotton fabric. Bed linens are easy to use and soft. Touch and feel is cool and fresh.

We are at home in the Nordic nature. As nature is extremely important to us in Finland, many of our products are made from 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton is a soft, durable and natural material cultivated without harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides. Its production process is certified and its origin is traceable. The product dyeing and printing methods are based on the use of water-soluble dyes.

Wool is nature’s own super material. It regulates the temperature according to the needs of the body and repels moisture and dirt naturally. Blending wool with other fibers improves its strength and features. Ventilating is often enough to wool products to avoid frequent washing. This saves water, electricity and detergent consumption. Re-Wool is made from old textiles or from wool production´s surplus. In the recycling process, the wool is first broken down by color, then chopped and finally spun into yarn, after which new products can be made.

Linen is a strong, durable, natural material with a beautiful sheen and pleasant roughness. It absorb moisture effectively and repels dirt naturally. Blending linen with other materials, such as cotton, improves its comfort and features. The linen blend product softens and improves in use. Linen is an ecological choice as it grows fast with rainwater, absorbs carbon dioxide from the air, and is a biodegradable material. Linen is grown and spun according to the Oeko-Tex standard.

Other products

50% cotton 50% polyester canvas
Care instruction: hand wash

Bambu, willow, cypress
Storage in dry conditions.

Paper and wood material
Paper cord is an allergy friendly material for its easy to use and dust free features. Storage in dry conditions.

PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate. PET material is made from recyclable plastic bottles. The material is 100% recycled and the products are recyclable. Products made of PET material are combined with cotton to give the products a pleasant feel. Care instructions: vacuuming, if necessary, wiping with moistured sponge.